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The Complete Web Developer in 2021: Zero to Mastery

How to code learn and become a web developer from after this course with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React, JS Nodes, and more or.

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  • Only PC is required. No Coding experienced is must. All tools are free in this course. How to learn real life skills and built in web pages.


Enter a live online classes of over 40,000+ developers and a course taught by an industry professional who has served as a Senior Developer and Engineering Lead in both Silicon Valley and Toronto.

This is the guide to becoming a modern web developer in 2021 that you have been waiting for. It doesn't only cover a tiny part of the market. This includes everything you need to know to get hired: from zero awareness to being able to put stuff on your resume that will encourage you to live the life you want.

How to explain why I developed this course for Web Creation and what's different from thousands of other courses on the internet:

1 - Each month, I upgrade the course to ensure that you master the new skills! Here there is no wasting time. We're not going to use old Mysql, Wordpress, and JQuery technologies. While still supportive, there are low payments for obsolete technology such as the above and demands for them are declining. You will discover the unique innovations in this course that are most in demand in the market right now. This include platforms and software used by global technology firms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is primarily planned for individuals who wish to develop employable skills in 2021.

2 - You will be able to apply for developer positions after completing this course, get a promotion, or change your work description as a developer and receive a greater salary. We're not going to take any shortcuts on this course. From utter zero, you're going to go where you discover how the internet works. Commented about how their interviewers have been inspired by the projects in this course and allowed them to get an offer.

3 - I have designed apps on a wide scale, and have led developer teams. I'm not an internet marketer or a salesman, just a developer of apps who has worked with these tools directly. I enjoy programming and think there has to be a course out there that really teaches useful skills in real life (because most of them are taught by teachers with no work experience).

4 - You don't want to waste thousands of dollars on a bootcamp, and your time is important. In clear and well-explained language, you want a course that explains the right way to become a Web Developer, so that you grasp concepts entirely instead of seeing others on your phone and getting no idea what's going on. Over the years, I've taken the best parts, instruments, and activities I've discovered, into this course. If the teacher is not interested or relies on obsolete subjects, 50 hours of videos doesn't mean much. I have ensured that everything discussed in this course is successful and centred.

5 - We have a vibrant online chat culture, so you actually feel like you're part of a classroom, not just viewing videos on your own. You will have an ability to engage with fellow students, work together on community projects, and contribute to projects that are open source.

6 - The course is designed to provide you with employable talents so that you can get a career. Since taking the course and getting recruited straight away.

This course is maintained by Web developer bootcamp. Using the skill below you will be comfortable by the end and you will be able to place them on your resume:


About CSS


Open Architecture


Grid for CSS

Bootstrap 5

Manipulating DOM

Javascript (ES6/ES7/ES8/ES9/ES10/ES2020 included)

JavaScript Asynchronous


React + Redux m+ Hooks for React

About Git + Github

Line of Command




Design of the RESTful API


Server SQL



Infrastructure Flexible


Producing and Deploying

Online videos and drills will lead you to where you will be able to do the following things by the end:

Create completely sophisticated apps and websites

Develop an app for image recognition to add to your portfolio

Go into a job interview assured that you know the basic building blocks of web creation and 2021 developer patterns.

Be ready to go out as a developer on your own and improve your talents, having developed a firm base

Study how frontends, servers and databases interact and how they all come together in the eco system.

Create your own landing page for Startup

By becoming a freelance developer who can bid on projects, go off to work remotely.

This course is the result of all my years working, studying, and teaching in the business. There is so much information out there so many perspectives, and so many ways of doing business, that you can never completely appreciate until you have spent the past few years working in an organisation with these innovations. So this course is the solution for you to that exact problem: how can you obtain experience to get recruited when you need experience? I went through thousands of books on coding, videos online, and bootcamps. I have taken notes of what has worked and what has not worked over the years, and I have built this course to narrow down the most appropriate way to learn from the most applicable details.

I am 100 percent sure you won't find a course out there like this. We're not going to create quick Todo apps and sliders for cat pictures. We will learn real realistic abilities that will bring you into the workforce. Those special bits you're not going to find anywhere else.

For whom this course is intended:

You want to learn how to code and create websites and mobile applications.

You want to start a career in Web Creation,

You understand HTML and CSS, but you want to extend your ability and do more.

You want to launch a company yourself or become a freelancer.

You want to learn the REAL business skills needed to be employed as a web developer in 2021 and receive a higher salary

You want a course from a senior developer who works in the industry to show you all in one place.

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